Baked Patacones

 A healthier version of the delicious patacones that Costa Rica is known for! Green Plantains

I figured if we are going to be eating patacones we need a much skinnier way to eat them. The baked version turned out really nice, I liked them and so did my husband!

So long mucho calories!

Microwaved Plantains

First slice the ends off each plantain and score each one. Pop them in the microwave for about 5-6 minutes or until they turn brown.

Peeled Plaintains

Now the skins should come off without a problem!

Plaintain Slices

Next slice into medium thick chunks and squish each chunk as thin as you can manage. About two quarters thick is what we aim for.

Squished Plantain

These can be a bit sticky compared to the fried version so just be prepared to work with them!

Baked Plantains

Brush with oil and sprinkle with salt. Bake for 7-8 minutes per side or until golden brown and crunchy! Enjoy!

Baked Plantains2

Baked Patacones


2-3 Plantains
1 Tbs oil


Preheat oven to 375. Using 2-3 Plantains, cut the ends off each side and score down the middle. Place the plantains in the microwave for about 6-7 minutes or until brown. Next, peel the plantain and cut into medium thick chunks. Using a press, squish the plantains until thin. Usually about two quarters thick. Next place on a baking sheet and brush with oil. Sprinkle with salt and place in the oven for about 7-8 minutes. Remove from the oven, flip each patacon and repeat the process.

Enjoy while hot! These are great with hummus!

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