Coffee Wimp

Ok, ok, I’ll admit, I’m a coffee wimp. I don’t drink coffee very often because I really only enjoy it when there is creamer to go with it. Makes me miss my brother-in-law because he always had a good stash of creamer in the fridge :) So… one of my close friends suggested I should try and make my own creamer. Well it’s nothing like store bought but pretty delicious. I’ve made French Vanilla and have also added some cinnamon and Allspice :) It’s pretty yummy!

The part I am loving about this recipe is now I can enjoy some Iced Coffee too :) For me, it is so refreshing to have a fun drink like this when I’m working away on the computer. Plus, since we are living in Costa Rica, who is known for their coffee, I better be drinking it, right? Try it out! There are so many ways to experiment too with different flavors!


Coffee Creamer


Homemade Coffee Creamer

inspired by: Mrs. Happy Homemaker


1 3/4 cups of milk or heavy cream

1 (14oz) can of sweetened condensed milk


Place the cream and sweetened condensed milk a container with a lid (I usually use a large water bottle or mason jar) and shake for 2 minutes or more until well mixed.

Now for the fun part:

Additions for different flavors:

– vanilla

– chocolate syrup

– almond extract

– cinnamon

– caramel syrup

– raspberry syrup

I usually just add a teaspoon for the extracts and a tablespoon for the syrups until it is to my liking. Enjoy!

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